Kerala Flats and Villa Projects

Tips for buying property in Kerala, Is property the best way to invest money in Kerala

We have several pages describing important aspects of buying a property in Kerala and what to look for when buying flats, apartments and villas in Kerala. Many consider buying land or property as the best way to invest money in Kerala. We will help you to locate the best and most reliable builders in Kerala who have a track record of delivering the flats or villas on time.

The way to choose your flat or villa to buy in the Kerala is to first browse through all the websites of Kerala Builders, shortlist the projects that you think will suit you.

Unfortunately some Kerala builders websites are very slow to load due to so much artistic decoration. If you are working from an Apple computer or iPad, then most builder's eBrochures will not open, because they are windows .exe files instead of using universal .pdf files. Hope our Kerala builders pay some attention to this, otherwise they are missing a lot of opportunities, especially from the USA who are majority Apple product users.

Anyway, you have to be patient and browse the Kerala Builder's websites, to get some idea of their projects. With the little information gained from the builders websites, you will get a rough idea of their projects and be able to short list a few. Then contact the selected builders by email and clear all your doubts through email exchange and finally visit the actual site where the flat or villa is being built and then only decide.

The list price of flats and villas in Kerala published by the Kerala builders tend to be high. After some hard bargaining it is normal to get a better price. Sometimes when you show no interest after the initial contact and leave the negotiations, the builder in all probably will keep chasing you and may offer some very good prices. But this depends on how high the demand for the building project in Kerala is.

Please go through the below contents to get indepth knowledge about some aspects of buying property in Kerala which many do not consider before investing in a property in Kerala, India

Where to invest money in Kerala? An Apartment Flat or to put money in fixed deposit or to buy Shares or stocks as long term investment

This is a very important question. What will be your return on your investment in a flat be. Is it better to put the money in a fixed deposit or may be, even invest in the share market. .....More details from our page on where to invest in Kerala

Reverse Mortgage, for income during your old age

The purpose of a Reverse Mortgage is to help retired people who own a residential property - a house, villa or an apartment flat, but do not have enough income to support them in their old age. .....More from our dedicated webpage on Reverse Mortgage

What is a CRISIL rated project? Benefits of buying a flat in a CRISIL rated building project

A CRISIL rated building project is your guarantee that the property you plan to buy from a builder will delivered on time and will be built to the standards which were specified. .....More from our dedicated page on CRISIL ratings in Kerala

What are Super Built-up & Carpet Area

The area which the builders in Kerala normally gives is the Super Built-up area. The actual area of the flat will be less than the super built up area. The builder adds extra area to your actual flat floor area to compensate the builder for the common areas in the building like the reception area, lifts area, stair cases, common corridors, etc. Make sure that the builder is not overcharging you. .....More from our dedicated page about Super Built-up & Carpet Area

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